Herbal baths


Mountain yoghurt pack

(approx. 25 min.) € 43,00
Yoghurt is a natural product that is considered a blessing for our skin, as it purifies and moisturises the skin cells, as well as vitalising and tightening our exterior shell. Furthermore, it prevents signs of stress, impurity and change of skin tone.

Healthy baths in our whirlpool BelSana

Cleopatra´s Bath (ca. 25 min.) € 43,00 
This traditionally Egiptian bath allows you to restore your hydration level in order to help you feel soft and silky.
Bath with hay flowers and juniper (ca. 25 min.) € 43,00 
Specially selected medicinal baths from mountain fields in the Alto Adige together with the magical effects of the mountain juniper will help you forget the days´ fatigue. 
Rosemarine Bath (ca. 25 min.) € 43,00 
Vitalising bath that stimulates blood flow. Helps combat fatigue.
Eucalyptus Bath (ca. 25 min.) € 43,00 
Refreshing bath that frees the air flow, great against colds, coughs and improves the immune system.
Suggestion from our BelSana SPA:
Combine a peeling before a bath and relax after a bath with a nice massage - it will strengthen the relaxation effect.

Peeling and Bath (ca. 50 min.) € 82,00
Peeling, bath and partial massage (ca. 80 min.) € 115,00
Peeling, bath and full massage (ca. 110 min.) € 140,00

Traditional mountain hay bath

(approx. 25 min.) – 45 €
A bath that is traditionally South Tyrolean, with natural stress relief and healing effects for the skin. It activates the purification of lactic acid in the muscles, and is an ideal treatment for both before and after phisycal activity.

NEW: Alpine Healthcare by Dr. Vitalis

(Traditional alpine massages and packs)
Pack and full-body massage (approx. 80 min.) € 115,00
Peeling, pack and full-body massage (approx. 120 min.) € 140,00
Wild thyme and stone pine (with active ingredients and detox)
Purify your body and enjoy the calmness. Wild thyme and stone pine activate the metabolism of the skin, strengthen nerves and improve the blood circulation. Also useful for improving your respiration.

Hay flowers and juniper (relax & vigor)
Selected herbs from high alpine South Tyrolean mountain meadows and the magical power of the mountain juniper make you forget the tiredness of a beautiful day.
Arnica and St. John's wort (regeneration)
Feel the stimulating power of these sun herbs that revive your articulated joints and weary muscles. The energy of these substances loosen tension and provide stress relief.
Alpine mud and mountain pine (detox)
For enthusiasts of alpine tradition this is a “Wellness-must”. The mountain pine scents improve in combination with natural and fine-grained sediments the purification process through the skin, and help achieve soft and healthy skin.
Calendula and chamomile (beaty & relax)
Look forward to a special care program for your stressed skin. Calendula and chamomile activate cell regeneration and have a soothing effect on irritated skin. Your skin tone will look refreshed, and you are going to shine in a new splendor.

Primrose oil pack

(approx. 25 min.) € 43,00
Evening primrose is an officinalis plant, which helps your skin become silky and smooth. Metabolism and hormones are regulated, and the blood circulation gets activated.



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