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Healthy Baths in our Belsana whirlpool

Cleopatra´s Bath (ca. 25 min.) € 43,00 
This traditionally Egiptian bath allows you to restore your hydration level in order to help you feel soft and silky.
Bath with hay flowers and juniper (ca. 25 min.) € 43,00 
Specially selected medicinal baths from mountain fields in the Alto Adige together with the magical effects of the mountain juniper will help you forget the days´ fatigue. 
Rosemarine Bath (ca. 25 min.) € 43,00 
Vitalising bath that stimulates blood flow. Helps combat fatigue.
Eucalyptus Bath (ca. 25 min.) € 43,00 
Refreshing bath that frees the air flow, is great against colds, coughs and improves the immune system.
Suggestion from our BelSana SPA:
Combine a peeling before a bath and relax afterwards with a nice massage - it will intensify the relaxation effect.
Peeling and Bath (ca. 50 min.) € 82,00
Peeling, bath and partial massage (ca. 80 min.) € 115,00
Peeling, bath and full massage (ca. 110 min.) € 140,00

Hay flower peeling

Just peeling (ca. 25 min.) € 40,00
Peeling and oiling (ca. 50 min.) € 80,00
This hay peeling is enriched by the purest of pink salt crystalls, which have a deep cleansing effect on the skin and stimulate regeneration of new skin cells, giving the skin a cleaner, fresher and more luminous appearance.

Facial treatment "Liftsummum" by Guinot

(ca 50 min.) 105,00 €
(3 treatments) 280,00 €

It´s an exclusive face treatment that aims to improve the elasticity of the skin. The combination of Pro-Collagen and the thermal mask, together with other active substances allow the skin charge itself with energy, become more toned and to regenerate new skin cells.

Mango Peeling

Only peeling (approx. 25 min.) € 40,00
Peeling and regenerating anti-age treatment (approx. 50 min.) € 80,00
This 100 % natural peeling made out of mango fruit and sugar, makes your skin silky smooth.

Facial treatment "Aromatic" by Guinot

Natural beauty care with plant extracts

(50 min.) €   98.00
(3 treatments) € 230.00
Guinot has selected effective medicinal plants and essential oils to help turn the skin more beautiful and radiant. The pleasant relaxing facial massage with applied pressure points concludes this oil treatment accompanied by delicious plant extract aromas.

Rasul bath for 2 people

(50 min.) € 70.00

The origins of this beauty ritual lie in the ancient oriental tradition. Various kinds of herbal healing soil, in conjunction with hot steam, purify the organism and donate suppleness to your skin.

Facial treatment "Hydradermie Deluxe" by Guinot

"Hydradermie Plus" and "Hydradermie Lift" in a twin pack

(110 min.) € 160.00

This exclusive facial treatment is a combination of two treatments that aim to moisturise your skin as much as possible, and at the same time to increase the natural lifting effect.

Sea salt peeling with pack

(approx. 50 min.) € 80,00

This treatment has a double impact. The salt crystals provide a wonderful peeling effect; if one allows them to take effect, they drain and purify the body.

Facial treatment "Hydradermie Lift Yeux" by Guinot

(40 min.) €   45.00
(3 meetings) € 105.00

This treatment reduces wrinkles and dark circles effectively and gives the eye area a natural lifting effect

Facial treatment "Hydradermie Lift" by Guinot

The high technology lifting treatment
(75 min.) € 120.00
(3 treatments) € 310.00
This treatment is revolutionizing the anti-aging treatments as it stimulates the facial muscles, giving them more elasticity. Facial features appear more defined and create a spectacular lifting effect.

Body treatment "Techni-Fermentè Dynamisant" by Guinot

ca. 50 Min. > €110,00
3 Treatments > €300,00

The bandages of this treatment help combat blemishes thanks to its tonificating stimulation effects and the hightenend lymph system circulation.

Facial treatment "Hydradermie Plus" by Guinot

The star of facial treatments

(80 min.) € 120.00
This new dimentional treatment by Guinot tightens, repaires, revitalises and rejuvenates the skin. Precious ingredients make sure that the skin receives more moisture, oxygen and energy. Furthermore, this treatment accelerates the process of skin regeneration and stimulates the cell division meacchanism, thus preventing ageing.

Body treatment " Techni-Minceur anticellulite" by Guinot

ca. 50 min. € 110,00
3 Treatments € 300,00

This body treatment involves the use of bandages that have a re-modelling, reducing, and draining effect on the body.


  • Whole leg € 35,00
  • Leg & Bikinizone € 42,00
  • Arms € 25,00
  • Lower leg € 25,00
  • Lower leg & Bikinizone € 35,00
  • Bikinizone € 20,00
  • Entire Bikinizone € 35,00 
  • Upper lip € 11,00
  • Armpits € 14,00
  • Back or chest € 28,00-€50,00

NEW: Facial treatment "Hydrapeeling" by Guinot

(50 min.) € 105.00

You will feel as if you have new skin. This is a treatment with a fruit acid peel which removes dead and dull skin cells, to help expose new, fresh skin cells leaving your skin fresh and radiant.

Body treatment "Soin Beauté Minceur" by Guinot

ca. 80 min. » € 110,00
3 treatments » € 275,00

4 actions in just one session: anti-cellulite, anti-fat, toning and draining. It´s a methodology with unique characteristics that treats all body blemishes. This new french technology is the first that unites 4 treatments simultaneously in one, the Dermo Lipo Aspiration. It has three different actions in order to reduce all forms of cellulite, 2cm less after just the first session.

Cleansing Facial Treatment

ca. 50 min. € 98,00

Deep cleansing of the face, with active concentrate, mask and face cream.

Treatments for hands and feet

  • Manicure without nail polish € 37,00
  • Manicure with nail polish € 40,00
  • Only nail polish                            €   8,00
  • Pedicure € 47,00
  • Pedicure including nail polish           € 50,00
  • French +  €    3,00


NEW: Semipermanent nailpolish (hands or feet)
  •  Application ca. 40 min. €   50,00 
  • Application with manicure or pedicure ca. 60 min. €   65,00
  • Application with manicure and pedicure ca. 90 min. € 130,00

Body treatment "Aromatic Corps" by Guinot

(80 min.) € 110.00
with essential oils
> Reducing (minceur) Treatment: 
Thanks to its unique formula with essential oils, this 
purifying anti-cellulite oil stimulates fat loss, together with 
the combination of a Sauna Masque Anti-Eau.

> Relaxing (douceur) treatment, for a smooth skin:
Kiwi peeling, sea salt and cane sugar, which is very
rich in shea butter (vitamin A), combined with an anti-stress
massage, gives you immediately a feeling of well-being
and happiness.

During a facial treatment it is possible also to book:

  • Bring eyebrows in form € 10.00
  • Tinting eyebrows  € 15.00
  • Tinting eyelashes  € 20.00

NEW: "Age Summum" facial care treatment by Guinot

An intense, complete and deep anti-aging action, which acts on all the signs of aging. An innovative treatment based on regenerating active ingredients that redraws the facial features by acting directly in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

ca. 50 min. € 110.00

NEW: Facial treatment " Detoxigene" by Guinot

Re-oxygenates and brightens the skin, eliminating toxins due to pollution or smoke. Very relaxing manual treatment.
ca. 50 min. € 98.00

NEW: facial treatment " Eye logic" by Guinot

Special eye treatment that helps fill small wrinkles, dark circles and tear sacs formed by tiredness and age. Guaranteed instant results.

ca. 40 min. € 75.00



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