Alpine skiing in the Dolomites and the natural park UNESCO

It is impossible to immagine anything as beautiful as strolling around in the mountain woods on fresh snow. The arcadian trails near St. Vigil in Enneberg are looked after very well, which enables you to enjoy a pleasant winter walk in nature. Especially on sunny days, which happens very often (300 days of sun were registered in 2009), it is an experience in itself to go on a discovery tour around St. Vigil, to explore the local area, the hamlets, the forestry road and the theme path “Legends of Fanes”.

Snowshoing and ski tours across the wonderful Dolomites

If you are looking for back-country skiing or snowshoeing, St. Vigil is the place for you, regardelss of whether you just want to get a taste of a new activity or whether you´re already an expert.  Skiing from the “Gsierstal” to “Villegraten” (ITA-AUT) or, from the “Antholzertal” to the “Defreggental” (ITA-AUT) is a spectacular experience.  And if you don’t fell drawn to extreme heights, snowshoeing through the valley to the same destinations is also possible. Go where you can experience nature on your own and experience the sensation of being surrounded by complete silence - something very difficult to find in our modern world.
The surroundings of St. Vigil in Enneberg, like the alpine meadows of “Fanes” and “Senes” are a paradise for any alpine enthusiast. Snowshoeing and ski touring with steep slopes transfor your holiday into a winter adventure. A lot of basic routes around St. Vigil all the way up to the shelters of the nature park “Fanes Senes Prages” can be completed by any wildlife lover on their own.
Both basic and advanced routes for the mountain peaks can be booked with local mountain guides who will look after you make you feel safe.
For further information feel free to contact the tourism agency: +(39) 0474 501037
Here you can find some information about our famous local mountain guides for safe climbing in the Dolomites.
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