Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clothing should I bring with me on my moto holiday in the Dolomites?

We advise motorbike clothing that is suitable for all atmospheric conditions, as it could get quite cold on the passes in the summer and then again warm in the valley. If you have a leather outfit, we would absolutely advise to bring a raincoat as well. Usually, you can find one made out of Gore-Tex or similar materials. In September or October the weather is usually more stable compared to spring and visibility is better. But on the other hand, temperatures are lower in October compared to spring. We advise to take gloves with you and do not forget your helmet. We can always lend you one in emergencies.

Do you guided tours? If yes, what kind?

The Dolomites Tour Ride is a moto holiday with guided tours in the most beautiful mountains in the world, the Dolomites. Every year we try and offer new tours, as we do not want our old guests to get bored. Every pass, every curve and every turn can be defined as a highlight. It´s not for nothing that the Dolomites are part of the World Patrimony UNESCO. During our tours we go and see the famous Sellaronda, the Tre Cime, the Cinque Torri, the Marmolada (the only glacier in the Dolomites), the Tofanas, the Pelmo, the Cristallo, the Rorapis…known and unknown passes and lots more… we always try and organize tours that suit the wishes and needs of our guests. Some of our tours on the other hand can be organized upon request: a tour with a sunrise, a ride with the moonlight or a two day long tour – the so-called Transdolomitica (a minimum number of participants is required, with extra charge).

How long do guided tours last? How many a week are there? Are they easy or difficult? Are the roads wide or narrow?
Our tours usually start between 08.30 and 09.30 o´clock and last between 4 and 8 hours depending on the tour. Every week we organize 4 tours. Because of traffic, we do not organize tours in the weekend (unless specified beforehand). The tours are based on the number of participants (usually no more than 8-10 motorbikes) and the capabilities of the group. Both narrow and wide roads are used depending on the experience of the bikers.
Can I relax in your swimming pool after a tour? How much is it?

Usually we come back between 15 and 17 o´clock, depending on the tour. This means that you will still have plenty of time to explore our entire Spa BelSana (1200m²) which is included in the price (swimming pool in a rock with water jets, various kinds of saunas). The solarium, whirlpool, massages and beauty treatments need to be paid separately.

Is San Vigilio a good starting place to go around and explore the Dolomites?

Hotel Almhof Call is a good starting point for all excursions for our bikers. San Vigilio is a right next to the Badia Valley which leads all the way to the Sella Ronda. We are in a quiet area, practically without any kind of traffic close by, and 2km away from the Nature Park Fanes-Senes-Braies. San Vigilio is relatively close to Val Pusteria. The distances: Brunico 18km, Bressanone 45km, Bolzano 85km, Merano 115km, Innsbruck 110km, Lienz 85km, Cortina d´Ampezzo 70km.

If something happens (damage to the vehicles) is it possible to eventually repair the damage? 
We have the possibility to repair motor damage. However, we advise you to get an insurance, so that you all of your eventual damage may get repaired or if necessary transported back home. You will also have the possibility to rent out one of our BMW motorbikes for a convenient price as a substitute vehicle. For BMW pilots that may eventually have a problem with their motors whilst on holiday at Almhof Call, the rent of a test motorbike is free! A truly special service from the BMW, don´t you think?

Which is the best time for coming on a holiday? How big are the groups?

Good question. Everything depends on what is most important for you. In spring you can see flowers blossom and at the same time there is still some snow on the passes, a truly unique experience! Until june/middle of july you can smell the aroma of our freshly mowed meadows and usually there is less traffic as it´s a period without festivities and bank holidays. And the weather is warmer. In September and October in the last years it´s has been very nice and stable weather. The sky is clear and great visibility even for photograph shoots. Perfect! Furthermore, in September there is no traffic and naturally a spin on a moto gets even more fun. 

Is it true that you get out a certificate?

If you are going to participate at the Almhof Dolomites Tour Ride, we are going to give you as a gift a t-shirt and road map as a souvenir. Everybody who is going to participate at the 13 passes tour, will get a special stone or crystal trophy. In every case you will get a certificate only if you overcome the “King of the passes” challenge, which means doing all of the 36 passes in five tours by yourself.

What kind of information can you give us in terms of cleaning products to be used on a motorbike?

We have an entire cupboard dedicated to all the necessary products needed to clean and lubrificate your bike. You will also find paste for cleaning plastic and metal. If you were to come back after a day of rain, our hotel offers a regular laundry service.

What does it mean the “King of the passes”?

The “King of the passes” includes all 36 official passes that can be crossed with a normal motorbike on asphalt. These passes are all within the Dolomites: in the North across Val Pusteria, East across Sesto, the Montecroce pass and the river Piave, South of Piave, the Feltre Enego, across Valsungana and West at the Adige and Isarco valleys.

Do you have covered parking for our motos at your hotel?

Yes. Our hotel has covered parking for motorbikes. However we do not have a garage. Nonetheless, we assure you that our area is a very safe place and you can even forget your keys in the car (this has already happened ;-) ). 

How much time do you need to finish the “King of the passes”?

It depends on how much time you need to finis hall 36 passes. The tour has been organized in a way that allows you to complete all panoramic passes in 5days. Considerating that the total length of the tour is 1500km, we have calculated around 350km per day. Obviously it is possible to modify the tour to your liking. It´s important however to visit every single pass and to bring all the relative evidence (photo, stamp, receipt).
For how much time can I lend out a moto and is it possible to book it in advance? 

The BMW tester moto rent is available all day. The number of kilometers that you can do is limitless. The moto will be given the evening before/or the morning of that very same day. However, it is not possible to book the motos in advance, as other pilots want to test them as well. You will get your moto with a full tank, and we kindly ask you to return your moto in the same way.

Do I need to be an expert rider in order to be able to take part at the “Dolomiti Tour Ride”? Do you organize driving courses for beginners?

In every guided tour, the group is as strong as its weakest member. It is not necessary to be a world champion in order to participate at the “Dolomites Tour Ride”, but you should have at least a little bit of mountain experience, because all of the numerous curves and turns can tire you easily. We do not organize driving lessons, but we happily pass on our experience. Correct behavior on the road can be learned theoretically from books. But we also invite you to do lots of practice, which is also really fun.

I want to participate at the Dolomiti Tour Ride at Almhof Hotel Call****. Can I rent out a moto?

Whenever you want to. The only condition is that you have to have a driving license. However it is not possible to book a moto in advance. This is a requirement imposed by the BMW and we are obliged to respect their rules. The reason is quite simple: bad weather, unexpected tire problems or any kind of other problem with the vehicle would provoke an unexpected booking cancellation, and this could be very annoying for our clients. Furthermore, the BMW motorbikes are test bikes, and not bikes for rent. This is also the reason why they are so convenient. However, until today no guest has ever gone home with empty hands. Please remember to bring proper motorbike clothing and a helmet. In case of emergency, we can provide you with a helmet. 

I am not a guest at your hotel, but I would like to test out one of the motos. Could you give me a list of the models available?

Unfortunately we have to inform you that the test motorbikes are provided by BMW exclusively for our guests. It´s a special service that you will not find anywhere else in Alto Adige or in the Dolomites. We have various models that can change every year. The best thing to do is to call us or send us an email.

What is included in the offer "Dolomiti Tour Ride"? 
In the offer “DTR”, Almhof Call the following is included in the price: 7 or 4 nights, with ¾ board (rich breakfast buffet, afternoon buffet between 14.00-18.00 o´clock with homemade cake, fruit, soup, sandwiches, non alcoholic beverages. In the evening a 5 course dinner with salad and vegetable buffet). Furthermore, free entrance is included to the 1200m² wellness center Belsana, with a swimming pool in a rock, three different kinds of sauna, area relax with hay and water beds, bathrobes and towels for the duration of the entire stay. For non-cyclists, we have a weekly programme with guided tours, Nordic-walking with a title B trainer, free mountain bike rental etc. 2-4 guided tours in moto (200-300km), a “DTR” t-shirt, road map and a trophy for everybody that participates at the 13 passes event (13 passes in one day, ca. 20.000m, over 360km, most definitely included in a 7night booking).

I´ve seen that you do not organise guided moto tours from the middle of july to the end of august. Why? 
That´s right: Almhof Hotel Call does not organise moto tours from the middle of July to the end of august/beginning of September in the Dolomites. The reason is very simple. This period is very busy in Italy in terms of tourism, and especially on the road. We would like to avoid long queues for our guests. It´s also less fun, especially for larger groups. All motorcyclists are of course very welcome in our Hotel in these months. We will gladly help you plan individual tours. In this case, you could take advantage of local tourist guides. 

During the moto tours on the road in the Dolomites, do you ever go on gravel?

No, we do not go on unpaved roads as it is not allowed to drive on most of these roads. Sometimes, it could occur that you will have to cross a couple of meters on gravel, for example when a road needs to be renovated or if you want to get to a mountain cabin. But nothing serious.
I have no intention in staying at your Hotel. Is it possible to participate at the Dolomiti Tour Ride anyway?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. We offer tours only to our guests.

I would like to buy a T-shirt and a Dolomiti Tour Ride trophy – is it possible even if I do not participate?

We give away as a gift the t-shirt and the trophy to all that have participated in the tour… We are sorry, but in order to receive the prizes, it is necessary to participate in all honesty. Honestly, it would not be fair for all of our loyal guests that come back every year to participate at the tour. It´s easy – do not let yourself get lazy and participate!

Can you send me your Tour programme? I would like to do the King of the Passes. We would be willing to pay for the service. 

The brochures with all the necessary information are at your disposal only if you book a stay. The development and pianification of the tours is a lot of work, and we hope that you will have understanding if we don´t send you a detailed programme. We do not send them out even upon payment. 

I am a fast driver (road moto) and I do not want to do Dolomiti Tour Ride in a group. What would you suggest?
We certainly do not advise to drive too fast, as the roads of the Dolomites could be dirty, or there could be little visibility on the road. Traffic on the other side of the road could reduce space on the road curves and on the deviations creating unavoidable danger. Also, you´d enjoy the Dolomites more if you drive slowly. The Dolomites is not a playground for those who want to go fast: on the passes and the villages speed gets controlled regularly.
If you want to drive by yourself, we have the right challenge for you: “The King of the Passes”. You have 5 tours available, in order to cross all 36 passes of the Dolomites. Whoever completes the challenge, will receive a certificate with the words “King of the Dolomites”, and it will be displayed in our hall of fame of all of the kings of the passes.

I´ve seen that your hotel for motorcyclists is the most expensive in the Dolomites. Why?
We wouldn´t say that our hotel is the most expensive one, but rather: there are lots of motorcycle hotels out there – to open one, you just have to add the word motorcyclists to the name of the hotel and voila. In return for your well earned money, we offer first class accommodation (4 stars superior with wellness center), great food, cellar with the best wines with over 450 labels… also do not forget that we are in one of the most beautiful areas of the Dolomites. Further extras for motorcyclists: covered parking, laundry service for motorcycle clothing, locked closet with cleaning products and various tools, programmes, maps, guided moto tours, test motos from the BMW, parking space for your trailer, tips and suggestions from the guides, who are at the same time the owner and family in person. Our loyal clients always say that the motorcyclists that stay with us are not just tolerated, but are truly welcome! 

Can we get a refund if it´s bad weather? 

We assure you that we are continuously praying for good weather. Of course it is simply impossible to exclude completely the possibility of bad weather, or to guarantee that it is not going to rain during your holiday. If a tour needs to be postponed or cancelled because of atmospheric conditions, we ask you for your understadning. In this way we are sure to avoid accidents and take care of our health. Hotels that reimburse their guests in case of bad weather do not exist. And we are not an exception. We would to kindly inform you that the entire booking period is valid, that means that a late arrival or early departure will be charged.

I´ve had the opportunity to test out the BMW motos in your hotel. I really love the F 800 GS! I would like to buy this model. Could you provide me with the corrisponding adress?

Unfortunately, the BMW test motos are not for sale. They need to overcome a maximum of 10.000km and then they get changed. After the testing they get evaluated from the top to the bottom and then sold. BMW however cannot guarantee a specific moto for sale.

As you are already full in the dates that we wanted to come, could you recommend another hotel that rents out BMW test bikes?
Sadly no. We are the first and the only one “Test-ride-hotel” for BMW in the Dolomites. The idea originates in Munchen as well as the motos that come directly from the BMW headquarters. 

Can I take my family with me even if they are not going to participate at the guided moto tours?

Certainly, your family is always welcome in our Belvita Hotel Almhof Call****superior. Our Hotel offers an alternative programme with guided tours, for example with Nordic walking. They are welcome to take advantage of our 1200m² wellness center Belsana, with a swimming pool in a rock, three different kinds of sauna, area relax with hay and water beds, bathrobes and towels for the duration of the entire stay. Furthermore, we offer free mountain bike rental and we can organize the following upon request: rafting, canyoing, tandem paragliding, rock climbing (you can go rock climbing with the famous guide Simon Kehrer), Zipline and Segway.

Can I take passengers during the Almhof Call Hotel guided moto tours?

Seen as our tours are always done on asphalted roads, it´s not a problem if you want to carry somebody with you. We would like to point out however, that the addition of extra weight changes the way the moto goes significantly particularly here in the mountains. The driver has to bear in mind that the tour will become more tiring, but we happily accept expert couples. 

Does Almhof Call do personal guided tours in the Dolomites?

Yes, with a few exceptions. Usually, Franz the chef, and Oliver the junior chef do all of the guided tours personally. It could be that they might be busy with work and in that a local guide will be available, who knows Italian, German and English and who will take you on a tour that´s on a similar level. 

Can I eventually extend my biking holiday in the Dolomites?

Obviously it is possible to extend your stay even at short notice. The only condition is that you have to talk to reception and verify whether your desired room is available. If not, we would gladly give you the possibility to change rooms. We will take care of your luggage transfer from one room to the other, so that you don´t have to waste your precious holiday time. 

Is it necessary to be insured in order to participate at the “Dolomites Ride Tour”? 

Even though all motorbikes are kept in excellent condition, sometimes they do break and the nearest mechanic may be closed (for example at the weekend or during holidays). In this case we do advise you to get insured, for example with ACI

I would like to arrive at the hotel with my motorbike, but I have too much luggage. Could you help me? 

We can help you with your luggage in this way: just send your bags off in advance and start your journey with calm and without stress. All of this is possible with the help of the luggage transfer company Insam Express. With this service you can send off bags, suitcases, rucksacks and even skis directly from your home to our hotel. For more information go on

Which is the best way to get to your hotel by car? 

Just insert “San Vigilio di Marebbe” into your navigator, or even just “Marebbe”. The GPS coordinates are the following: N46°41’56.4’’ – E11°56’04.8’’. Follow the motorway A22 towards Brennero. After the exit, follow indications until Brunico. When you get to San Lorenzo, take a right towards Val Badia. After numerous galleries you will arrive at Longega where you need to turn left towards San Vigilio. In San Vigilio take your left at the first crossing and right at the second crossing. The hotel is 300m away from the second crossing on your hand side. 

Can I use a car, moto and trailer to get to the Dolomities Tour Ride? 

Of course, you can load your trailer with your luggage and attach it to the car. The advantages are that you are going to arrive much less tired and without a doubt it is much more comfortable than going in the motorway with a motorbike. We have enough space to park your car, trailer and moto (covered parking). During high season (from middle of july to end of august) we kindly ask you to let us know in advance if you are planning on coming with a trailer.

Bus and train arrivals: 

We are going to pick you up with our shuttle bus from the train station at Brunico. It is a free service for all arrivals and departures 08.00-18.00 o´clock. We kindly ask you to inform us at least 3-4 days in advance, if you want to be picked so that we can organise ourselves on time.

Car-train arrival: 

If you do not want to take a plain or face traffic on the motorways, we suggest you travel with a car-train! In this way, not only you can save on fuel, but travel in a more environmentally friendly way. The car-train will take you directly to Bolzano and from there you can reach our hotel in less than a day by crossing the Dolomites.
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