Incredible scenery

Moto hotel in the Dolomites

Exploring the passes of South Tyrol

We offer a special welcome to motorcyclists at our moto hotel in the Dolomites. We know the delights of a motorbike holiday, riding the twisting mountain roads and enjoying the wonders of South Tyrol. A motorbike holiday in the Dolomites is a truly memorable experience, with the incredible views, the evocative scenery and the freedom to travel wherever you want from your moto hotel in the Dolomites. 

Why choose

our moto hotel

in the Dolomites


Accessible passes, curves and hairpin bends all in a small area


Advice from experts and professional help with getting to little-known places


Encounters with like-minded people who share a passion for biking

Biking in the Dolomites, a real delight. Every pass is different, and the landscape is simply stunning, with its waterfalls, sparkling lakes, alpine meadows and majestic peaks

Our rooms and suites

Capacity 2–4
Size 34m²
Price from 135 €
Capacity 1–2
Size 22m²
Price from 115 €
Capacity 1–3
Size 30m²
Price from 120 €
Capacity 1–2
Size 22m²
Price from 120 €
Junior Suite Cristall
Capacity 2–4
Size 38m²
Price from 145 €
Capacity 2–4
Size 35-38m²
Price from 140 €
Capacity 2–4
Size 50-58m²
Price from 150 €
Panorama Suite
Capacity 2–4
Size 70m²
Price from 190 €

Offers and packages

To enjoy our wellness hotel in the Dolomites

Romantic days in the Dolomites of Italy

2 to 3 nights from 10.12.2022 – 23.12.2022

Dolomiti Super Premiere 2022! Stay 4 nights but pay only 3!

4 to 7 nights from 11.12.2022 – 23.12.2022

Christmas markets in South Tyrol: -15%

2 to 3 nights from 11.12.2022 – 23.12.2022

Christmas at the Almhof Call 2022

3 nights from 23.12.2022 – 26.12.2022

White Weeks 2023: special offer for early birds

7 nights from 07.01.2023 – 18.03.2023
Plan your holiday at the Almhof Call
27.11. - 04.12.

On the road

A hotel for motorcycling enthusiasts
The Almhof Call Hotel is an ideal base for motorcycling enthusiasts who want to explore the winding roads of the Dolomites and all the beauty that is South Tyrol. Here, breathtaking vistas turn the free feeling of riding a motorcycle into a truly extraordinary experience. The guided tours offered by our team have already made the eyes of many a motorcycling enthusiasts sparkle like shiny chrome.

Short Tours

Short trip stop and go!
Our “Short Tours” offer is tailored for mountainloving bikers who visit us on a short holiday. Included are 2 guided motor-cycle tours to conquer the most amazing passes in the Dolomites. For your information: On Saturdays  and Sundays no guided motor-cycle tours are organized!

Dolomites Tour Ride

A must for any Dolomites enthusiast!
Our “Dolomites Tour Ride” is the perfect holiday for motor-cyclists, who want to discover the unique Dolomites with fellow biker companions. We will guide you personally on 4 breathtaking motor-cycle tours through our beautiful valleys and high passes to show you unrivaled locations in our mountain world.

Pass king of the Dolomites

Take on any pass on your own!
Find your path, your path is your destination and to experience the street is your assignment! The King of Passes offers you more in any aspect ... more emotions and turns, more streets and passes ... all 36 passes the Dolomites have to offer! After completing this “tortour” of more than 1,400 km, thousands of meters in height and countless turns, you are one of the few who are entitled to
call themselves “Dolomites’ King of Passes”. Are you prepared to meet the challenge?

Official Partner of  BMW Motorrad

Experience the freedom
Test new motor-cycles throughout the whole summer season, exactly in surroundings where those machines are supposed to be: ride along the most beautiful mountain streets of the Dolomites! This unique service in Italy is an exclusive offer for guests of our Belvita Hotel Almhof Call**** superior. Reservations for motor-cycles can only be arranged on site. There are 12–17 different models available.

BMW Dolomites

Try before you buy:
Before you buy a BMW motorcycle, test it on the streets in the Dolomites. During BMW Dolomites any BMW motorcycle model will be at your disposal.This special service only applies for guests who stay in our Almhof Call ****S.