Winter walks and excursions in the Dolomites

The Dolomites make part of the UNESCO world heritage since 2009. These fabulous mountains are a hiking attraction throughout the entire year. So take a deep breath of pure, fresh mountain air and unwind amidst one of the most beautiful corners of the world. A relaxed stroll through the surroundings of our beautiful village of San Vigilio di Marebbe invigorates your mind, your body and your soul - even in the coldest of seasons! You can combine one walking route with another or simply return to our Hotel Almhof Call by taking one of the many footpaths available. You might feel very tempted during your excursions, but please remember to be very careful and to pay lots of attention to the paths that you are going to choose.
Remember: ski runs are meant for skiing, sledding tracks are meant for sledding, cross-country skiing slopes are meant for cross-country skiing!

A = Way there, R = Way return ›
A) „Tru dles liondes” (round trip: 1 hour)

This instructive trail starts at our Almhof Call. Take the main street to the end of our village (500 meters). At the Nature Park House turn right. After the playground, this trip starts at the Aqua Bad Cortina Oasis Hotel (on Str. Fanes) and offers insights into the legendary “Fanes realm” with different explanations and interesting facts about our fauna and flora.

B) San Vigilio – Lé dla Creda (round trip: 2 hours)
Starting at our Hotel, walk to the end of our village and all the way to the Nature Park House, then turn right to the Fanesstr. Walk through the Pes-Pesc playground, then continue along the cleaned up snow track, which runs in parallel to the cross-country skiing slope (pedestrians: please keep off the cross-country slope) until you reach the fishing pond and then on to Ciamaor area. Having passed the Ciamaor bridge, stay on the main road for another 100 m and take a left onto the path to the lake Lè dla Creda.

C) San Vigilio – Tamersc – Pederü (round trip: 6 hours)
Follow route B to Lé dla Creda. Continue along the main road until you reach the Tamersc fields and, after 3 km, the Pederü mountain inn.

D) Brüscia (round trip: 1 hour)
Once you come out of our Almhof Call, turn immediately to your left and walk towards the Hotel Monte Paraccia, follow the path uphill all the way to the water reservoir. Turn left towards Ciamaor and walk back to San Vigilio and to our Hotel using the roadside pavement.

E) San Vigilio – Torpei – Pinei (round trip: 1 hour)
Outside of our Hotel turn left and follow the street to the Hotel Monte Paraccia, this path will take you uphill to the hamlet Torpei; walk past the farmhouses all the way to the hamlet Pinei, then to the Miara cable car station and back to San Vigilio and to the Almhof Call.

F) San Vigilio – Chi Vai – Torpei (round trip: 2 hours)
Go from the Almhof Call hotel to the Miara cable car station, where this trail begins and continue uphill along the road to the first left-turn hairpin bend. There, turn right onto the forest road and follow the signs to “A Soredl” until you get to the hamlet Torpei. There are two options to return to San Vigilio: turning left, follow the trail towards the Monte Paraccia Hotel/ and the Almhof Call or turn right instead to the valley station of the Miara cable car and then back to the Hotel.

G) San Vigilio – Val – Costa – Ras (round trip: 2 hours)
From our hotel walk to the Miara cabel car station: from there walk along the road to the hamlet Val, continue on the forest path to the hamlet Costa and via Ras back to San Vigilio and back to the Almhof Call.

H) A Sorëdl › theme walk (total: 1.5 hours)
The trail leads upwards along the sunny hillside of Costa and Ches Costes. Setting off from the Miara cable car valley station (to reach the cable car station walk from our hotel for about 500 meters), follow the signs marked A Soredl past Ras and Costa. Once you have crossed the woods, walk on past Val to the Torpëi farmhouse. Take a left along the paved road all the way back to the village, leading to the Hotel Monte Paraccia and back home. This walk is also worthwhile the other way round.

I) San Vigilio – Sarjei (round trip: 2 hours)
From our hotel cross our village San Vigilio di Marebbe and go all the way to the Hotel Les Alpes, from there follow the trail until you reach Sarjei (food and drink available at the La Para inn and at the Agriturismo Soleseid).

K) San Vigilio – Ciasé (round trip: 1 hour)
Parting from our Almhof Call walk towards the cable car station Miara. At the intersection at the Restaurant Ciolá follow the Ciaséstr. (road opposite Garni Cristallo) and walk to Gran Pré business park, then turn right and continue until you reach the Ciasé farm house. Walk uphill to the Bella Vista Hotel Emma and return to San Vigilio on the roadside pavement and back to the hotel.

L) San Vigilio – Passo Furcia (round trip: 4 hours)
Reach the cable car station starting from our Almhof Call. Walk past the Miara cable car station and follow the road up to the La Miara refuge and on to the hamlet Rara. Turn right onto the forest path (identification mark: 1) which will take you to the Passo Furcia, where a number of cabins offer food and drink. We suggest the same route for your return journey.

M) Roda dles Viles - walk between the hamlets
(2 - 4 hours)
For this walk we suggest you to take the car to the alpine village La Pli (3 kilometers – 5 minutes by car). Setting off from La Pli, you can enjoy a number of walks (A or B) to the hamlets of Brach, Ciaseles, Frontü, Cianoré, Biei, Fordora, Frena and La Costa. From each hamlet, the next one is visible and can be easily reached by connecting tracks and roads. You are free to choose the best route to explore the amazing beauty of these landscapes and architectural singularity of the ladin hamlets our our beautiful South Tyrol.

N)Pederü – Fanes (2042 m, A: 2 hours)
We suggest you to take the car or the bus to the end of our Marebbe valley (13 kilometers – 15 minutes by car). From Pederü, follow the road to the Fanes pastures. The Fanes and Lavarella refuges offer transport by snowcat. Our suggestion: walk on to the Limo pass (15 minutes walking distance from the Fanes refuge) where you can enjoy a breath-taking panorama view of the “Fanes realm”.

O) Pederü – Fodara Vedla (1980 m, A: 1 hour) – Senes (2116 m, A: 2 hours)
Take the car or the bus to the end of our valley ( 13 kilometers – 1 5 minutes by car). From Pederü cabin at the end of the valley, the road will take you up to the Fodara and Sennes cabins. Transport by snowcat is available upon request.

P) San Vigilio - Plan de Corones
This trail is fascinating even without skis: get yourself a cable car return ticket to the top of Plan de Corones. The view from up there is simply breath-taking! From the impressive Concordia bell, marvel at the 3600m mountain peaks surrounding Plan de Corones or gaze out onto the fascinating Alpine panorama. You will have to take 3-4 cable cars and walk about 500 meters to get to the top. 

Q) Plan de Corones – winter panorama trail
(round trip: 1 hr ¼)
Set off from the top of Plan de Corones (please follow the instructions above for how to reach the top of Plan de Corones): at the Ruis cable car peak station (2275 m), turn left (direction of the race track). Walk along the track until you reach a cross at a lookout point offering a stunning view of the Dolomites and the three villages of Marebbe: San Vigilio, La Pli and Rina. If you keep on walking, the trail will take you to the Graziani cabin (2080 m). You can hike back the same way or continue along the slope all the way to the Panorama cabin and ropeway "Sole", which will take you back to Plan de Corones.

R) Munt da Rina – Fodares Pasture (round trip: 2 hrs)
(can be combined with a sledge ride)
By car go all the way to the panoramic village of Rina (6 kilometers - 15 minutes by car). Park your car at the sports ground car park (1490 m) ,turn left, walk along the sledging track until you get to the Fodares pasture (1920 m). Walk back the same way or ride back on your sledge down the sledging track. It’s a lot of fun, and suitable for the entrire family as the track is easy to walk. Do remember that there are no rental points in Rina, so make sure you rent your sledge from one of the many ski rentals in our village San Vigilio di Marebbe: near our Hotel, the ski rental Le Skipoint rents sledges.
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