The Legends of the Fanes Kingdom

The fantastic world of the Dolomites
The Fanes Legend: 
1. Moltina and the kingdom of the marmots 
Once upon a time, an old gana (mystical creature that can transform itself into natural elements) lived in a cavern of the Croda Rossa, in the nature park Fanes-Senes-Braies. Every morning it came out to admire the sunrise that peaked out from the mountain tops of the Dolomites. Even the marmots came out of their underground tunnels and surrounded her. One evening, a young mother came closer to the cavern in a cautious manner with a creature in her hands. “But you are Molta” cried out the old gana, whilst the woman fell to the ground and passed away. The marmots berried her in a rock. The old gana adopted the little girl and called her Moltina.
2. The Kingdom of Fanes
The Prince of the Landrins met the young Moltrina, who was brought up among the marmots, fell in love and married her. He taught the Fanes people the art of handling weapons and became their king. The soldiers made them a castle at the foot of the tenth mountain peak and painted over the entrance a white marmot. The Fanes kingdom became big and powerful and its people lived in peace. The last king of Fanes however, became allied wih the eagle and betrayed his people causing the end of the Fanes kingdom. 
3 The pact between the last king of Fanes and the eagle
The Fanes people, where pacifists and the marmots where their allies. Thanks to this secret alliance with the marmots, their king had become important and powerful. One day, the king went hunting and managed to get a baby eagle, when an eagle came shooting from the sky with a flaming beak and golden claws. “Give me back my son”, said the eagle, “and I will make you the most powerful king of the entire region.” The king agreed and the eagle who was actually a king of a distant island proposed a pact that was to be consolidated with the exchange of the twins. 
4. The little twins
In the castle two twins were born: Dolasila and Luianta. The next morning instead of Luianta there was a white marmot in the crib. A few days later the king ordered to take the twins to the foot of the Nuvolau, where the eagle was supposed to choose one of the twins. At once the eagle arrived and took with its golden claws the strangest of the two twins. He rose into the air and posed for a moment on a rock, opened its wings and beak, when the little marmot escaped and hid in a rock.
5. Spina de Mul - Edl de Net 
The squire was coming back to the castle, when he heard a cry coming from Spino de Mul, an old wizard that looked like an old mule. At once he heard footsteps. A young bold man came closer. He came from the Durans town in the hope to receive the title of a warrior for his adventures. When he came across the Spina de Mul, the courageous Duran gave him a blow on the head with a rock and the old wizard fell to the ground. For this heroic act, the young man was named Edl de Net (the nights´ eye), the one who knows how to attack in the night. At night, Spina del Mul had lost a Rajeta, a mysterious rock that he got at Fanes and that Edl de Net gave back once again to the princess Dolasilla.

6 The dwarfs´ magic
In the silver lake above Canazei, the people thought that there was hidden a big treasure. The King went there with Dolasilla and their child. One soldier digged and found a cavern full of precious jewels and a silver chest that contained a white fur coat and gray powder. Three dwarfs came out of the cavern and begged the king not to take their treasures away. Dolasilla had compassion and gave back the chest to the dwarfs. They asked her to through the gray powder into the lake. This way the treasure would blossom and they would become free. They gave the fur coat to Dolasilla as a gift. “This way you will become an invincible warrior.”, they said, “But when the fur turns as red as the sunset in the Dolomites, do not go to combat.”
7 Dolasilla the warrior princess
The Silver Lake blossomed just as the dwarfs had promised and got covered entirely by silver canes. One of the squires cut twelve canes in order to make thirteen arrows for Dolassila´s bow. The arrows were so powerful and precise that the king ordered to cut down all the canes in order to make enough arrows for all of their wars. The avid king got carried away by battle. Dolassila rode next to him, proud of her white armour, bow and unbeatable arrows. Her first victory was celebrated at Plan de Corones, because it is there that the princess Dolassila became crowned as a warrior amidst an expanse of white rhododendrons. 
8 Edl de Nets´ betrayal 
Dolassila continued to combat and win. Her affairs made Spina de Mul worry because he was looking for allies against the Kingdom of Fanes. The wizard managed to anger Edl de Net, the prince of Durans, by telling him stories about the power of the King of Fanes and the beauty of Dolassila. Edl de Net participated in the war against the Fanes but at one condition: Dolassila had to be saved. Next to Edl de Net, there was Spina del Mul dressed as a warrior. At once they heard the silver trumpets of the Fanes people. In front row there was Dolassila. The princess and Edl de Net looked at each other without moving. Spina del Mul took advantage of the situation and launched one his arrows in Dolassila´s direction. The injured princess was saved by the eagle who took her to safety. The Duranses lost.

9. The enchanted squire and the alliance between Dolassila and Edl de Net
Edl de Net discovered from Aguana that Dolassila was forced to be a warrior and that she loved one particular warrior that she had seen just once in her life. The Aguana has also told him that the future of Fanes was already decided and that Dolassila was in danger. Edl de Net thought about saving her but did not know how. He got sent to the witch Zicuta, the sister of the Spina de Mul on the Latemar, where the dwarfs made a shield that heavy that nobody could wear it. Even the king of Fanes went to Latemar and was very surprised to have found the shield already made. In the castle nobody had ever been able to lift it. One day a young foreigner came and lifted the shield with just one hand. The king employed him to protect Dolassia during combat. The Fanes people have started once again fighting and winning. In first line rode Dolassila protected by the squire brought by Edl de Net.

10. The fake king and the death of Dolassila
Dolassila wanted to stop fighting, but the king could not have enough of war. In order to conquer the underground kingdom of the Aurona, he started off a conspiracy with the neighbouring people. In this way he got rid of Edl de Nat from his kingdom. One day Dolassila was wandering about in the fields of Armentara in the hope to meet Edl de Net. As she headed back to the castle she gave away her thirteen magical arrows to thirteen brats that were sent by Spina de Mul. The princesses white coat turned as dark as blood and Dolassila remembered the dwarfs´ prophecy. She realized that her destiny was already decided. And so, the princess of Fanes led her people to death. The people that the fake king had managed to bring together by lying to them headed towards Pralongiá. The battle was long and bloody and Dolassila fell to the ground, wounded by her own magical arrows praying for Edl de Net. The king of Fanes wanted to go back to the castle the allies held him prisoner and made fun of him. He was a fake king who had betrayed his people and thus became stone. The passage at the foot of the Lagazui is called Passi Falzarego until this very day.

11. Luianta and the marmots that return in order to defend Fanes regardless of the betrayal 
The last warriors in Fanes managed to hide in the castle. Close to the queen a young girl all dressed in white came up. It was Luianta that had been given away by the queen for the marmot pact, her secret allies. The mother queen had asked forgiveness for not having respected the pact. She told her of the alliance with the eagles and of the exchange of the twin marmots. The marmots understood, forgave and accepted to renovate the antique pact. And Luianta took the queen to the Morin dai Salvans, where few superstitious people from Fanes hid and waited for better times to come. Once a year a black boat comes out of the Sas dla Porta mountain and goes for a spin in the lake of Braies. On the boat there is the old queen with Luianta. They await the signal from the silver tombs for the arrival of promised times yet to come. The times when once again, the kingdom of Fanes will rise.
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