Difficult excursions in our area Plan de Corones

All of the excursions on this list are easy to get to by car from our Almhof Call****s at San Vigilio di Marebbe. Discover the natural beauty of the Dolomites and Val Pusteria in Alto Adige.

Excursion on Plan de Corones 

Staring point: Riscone 
Destination: Plan de Corones (2.275 m) 
Paths: 1, 8, 4 
Total excursion time: 2 hours for the midlle station, 4 hours for Plan de Corones 
Height change: 1.300 m 
Difficulty: difficult 
Route: By car go from the Almhof Call**** to Riscone passing through San Lorenzo and Brunico (ca. 20 min.). From Riscone follow the road towards the ex-skistation Herrnegg car park. Follow the sleigh slope (path 1) all the way to the mountain cabin Bergfreundehütte and follow the forest road unitl you get to the cable car middle station. If you are experienced, you could go all the way up to Plan de Corones. You can return by cable (open from beginning of July to end of September) or by foot passing by the hotel Haidenberg and S. Stefano all the way down to the starting point.
Possibility to eat at the restaurant Kron (tel. 0474 553580)

S. Giorgio – mount Sommo

Staring point: S. Giorgio
Destination: mount Sommo (2.396 m)
Paths: 66
Total excursion time: 4-5 hours
Height change: 1.500m
Difficulty: difficult
Route: From Almhof Call****s go by ca towards S. Giorgio passing through San Lorenzo and Brunico (c. 25min). From S. Giorgio go uphill (path 66) until the Kofler restaurant (tel. 0474 528161) (1.487 m), carry on and cross mountain meadows and a forest all the way to Stockpfarrer. Following the mountain ridge, go up to the cross of mount Sommo.

Piz da Peres

Staring point: Hotel Almhof Call **** at S. Vigilio
Destination: Piz da Peres (2.507 m)
Paths: 19, 12, 3
Total excursion time: ca. 12 km
Difficulty: difficult
Route: From Hotel Almhof Call****s, go uphill along an asphalted road (path 19) until the water tank. There, take a left, and continue going upwards on a long forest path that eventually merges with the forest road that goes to Fojedöra. At the same level as Plan Larjej continue going upwards by taking the left (path 12) until you get to a mountain meadow. Continue until arriving at the foot of Piz da Peres. From this point onwards, the uphill journey becomes difficult and we would suggest to take this path only if you are experienced. After a short uphill track, you will arrive at Forcella Tre Dita (path 3) until arriving at the Lake Fojedora. After a short uphill track you will arrive at Forcella Somamunt, where you can go downhill along the Valle do Fojedöra (path 19) and get back to where you started.

Piz da Peres

Staring point: Passo Furcia
Destination: Passo Furcia
Paths: 3, 32
Total excursion time: around 5 hours
Height change: 1.100 m
Difficulty: difficult
Route: Go by car from Hotel Almhof Call****s towards passo furcia (ca. 15 mins.). Commence the track at the foot of Passo Furcia, go uphill by following the left path (path 3) all the way to the fork crossing Lapadures (2.252 m). Fro there follow the path 32 at the hunters´ hutand finally you will return to Passo Furcia.

Dolomiti di Valdaora

Staring point: Passo Furcia
Destination: Lago di Braies
Paths: 3, 24, 1
Total excursion time: an excursion that will take up all day
Height change: ca. 900m
Difficulty: difficult
Route: Starting off at Passo Furcia, which can be reached by car from the hotel (ca. 15mins), go uphill following the left side of the road (path 3) all the way to the pass Tre Dita and then all the way to the Passo della Croce (2.283m) and then to pass Senes (2.519m). Continue, once arrived at the Biella mountain pass (2.300m) take a relatively narrow path (path 1) and go all the way down to lake di Braies (1.493m) where you can take a bus to get back to the starting point.

Colle S. Giacomo

Staring point: Mantana
Destination: hill S. Giacomo (2.026 m)
Paths: 2, 10, 11s
Total excursion time: ca. 10km
Height change: 1.160m
Difficulty: diffcult
Route: Go by car from Hotel Almhof Call****s to Mantana (ca. 15 mins). From the church to Mantava (path 2, red white, red) to the Riesnerhof farm and eventually Costa. Through the forest until the end. Across the forest all the way to S. Giacomo (2.026 m).
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