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Classical full body massage

(ca. 50 min.) - € 65,00
This massage is executed using various hand massage techniques. The movements stimulate the functions of the skin and blood circulation is improved.

Massage with aromatic oils

(ca. 50 min.) - € 67,00
Choose from the following three aromatic oils: Armonia, Vitality and Equilibrium

Let yourself indulge in a straordinary sensation of relaxation, let yourself be cuddled by hot essential oils and at the same time give your skin the best there is to help unleash its beauty.

Antistress massage

(ca. 50 min.) - € 65,00
This massage is executed with light strokes, creating a sense of well-being and calm.

Physio-somatic massage

(ca. 80 min.) - € 98,00
Relaxing all-body massage, including the head, feet and hands. It´s ideal to let your body and soul let go of daily stress and recharge it with new energies.

Foot reflexology

(ca. 25 min.) € 37,00
This treatment is very healthy and is executed principally on the soles, the mirror of our bodies. By massaging a specific point, the respective organ or system gets influenced through reflexive action.

Therapeutic massage

(ca. 50 min.) - € 70,00
Influences the skin, muscles, blood vessels, the lymphatic system and even organs indirectly, as well as the activation and balancing of various functions.

Therapeutic back massage and foot reflexology

(ca. 50 min.) - € 70,00

Therapeutic body massage and foot reflexology

(ca. 80 min.) € 98,00

Sports massage

(ca. 25 min.) - € 37,00

Massage that applies intense techniques that help relax muscles and aid the purification processes in the body after exercise.

Drain effect massage - Anticellulite

(ca. 50 min.) € 70,00

Improves the lymphatic system and softens connective tissue.

Vital Stone / Hot Stone Massage

(ca. 75 min.) - € 105,00
You body will get oiled by essential essences and massaged with vulcanic stones. Through the reaching of your inner chakra you will achieve a state of total relax and a "heating up" of your body and soul. A unique experience!

Alpine massage

(ca. 50 min.) - € 80,00
During this massage, created by the Belsana Center, hot spunges filled with alpine herbs are used. It has bean designed specifically to help relax tense muscles. The curative potential of the herbs gets unlocked through the heating of the spunges, which stimulates absorption. A state of total relaxation is achieved. You have to try it to believe it!

"Candle Massage" Ritual

(ca. 50 min.) € 67,00
Choose you preferred perfume and indulge in one hour of relax with this pleasant ritual.

Head and Face Massage

(25 min.) - € 37,00

Special treat for the head and face. Relaxes visible facial muscle tension.

Resonance massage - A special programm for your back

(50 min.) € 80,00
A massage that has been specifically designed for your posture, as it invokes a profound relaxation of your muscles through a combination of relaxing manouvers and heat. Well-being in its purest state with a finale with tibetan bells.


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